An excellent customer retention tool.


A brief on our email marketing solution.

How does email marketing support customer follow-up and retention

Your sales team may make 5 calls a day. On an average say 100 calls a month or on a rough scale say 500 calls a year. Will they be in a position to follow-up with this 500 people he has had met for business? Technically it is impossible.

Our email marketing solution makes it possible. How?

We set up a series of newsletters for your company at the backend of our system. Technically know as an email campaign.
Once your salesman ends up with the call, the data of the company is fed into our system, which includes the email id of the contact person. Immediately the first email is automatically sent from out system, thanking the contact/lead for his time and also a brief on your product.
As a follow up of his meeting, emails are forwarded from the system on predefined dates with products information and updates. So the contact person is constantly reminded on the meeting and also the product.

What if the Customer or lead does not want information from our company?

Each and every email is sent with an unsubscribe link, giving an option to the customer or lead will be removed from the mailing system/list so that no more emails will be sent to him in the future.

How is your mailing solution different from the other systems available in the market?

Our mailing system does not send emails in bulk.
You are in full control of your mailers.
You will be sending all your emails from your own domain or company name other than a common email id.
There is no limit on the numbers of email that you can send, as this is not a subscription service but a solution.
Sharing your contacts email id with a solution provider is as good as sharing your email id with your competitors.
The number of newsletters you can send is limited to your marketing creativity.

Is there any limitation in the number of emails I can send from your solution?

No there is no limitation in the number of emails that can be sent from our solution.
But there is a limitation in the number of emails that can be sent from your email ID, the limitation set by your email service provider. Say your email service provider may limit the number of email yon can send from you id to 100 emails per hour.
If you send mail exceeds this limit, you are likely to be blacklisted by your provider.

Does your system have a solution for the above?

Yes, we throttle your send process. Our system can be configured to limit the number of emails that can be sent per hour. This also protects your email id as being classified as spam and also meets with the technical requirement of your email service provider.

We have 1000’s of email id we had collect in the past. Will I be able to use them in your system?

Yes, our system can be intelligently used to send emails to these contact.
You may have collected these email ids in the past may be in the time span of months or years. It is not necessary that all you email ids need to be valid or existing.
As a solution for the above, our system has an excellent bounce handling system, wherein all you non-existing emails are automatically removed from the database, and at the end of the day you have a list of valid email which you can rely on.
We throttle you send process, thereby you are not at the risk of being blacklisted by your email service provider.
Once you list is clean, you can create a safe and healthy email campaign

You are based in Dubai. Will you be able to serve in other parts of the world?


How do I capture email id on my website?

Easy to create web signup forms

Customers visiting your website, would like to know more about your product. By filling up Easy to create web signup forms, they are not only sent with your product information automatically, but also emails are sent on predefined time frames, so that it serves as a reminder plus an additional information resources on the product plus you can also include offers on the newsletter – attracting them to buy the product.

More features

Performance Tracking.

You can calculate the open rate of your email like how many people has seen and read your email so that assuming that there are the prospective clients you can target them for further emails

Separate email server.

Just in case your email service provider does not support email marketing service, we can provide you with a third party email server, where you can send emails without any restrictions.

Free Spam Check for your newsletter.

We provide you with inbuilt spam checker so that you can check your mail for spam filters and be sure that your emails reach the target.

Personalized email

Personalize each and every email with Name and other personal information.