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Designing Great Emails

Email Marketing is still the best way to market your products online. But all email newsletters don’t sell your product.  To design email newsletters that sell you need to design Great Emails. To be very brief,  use this checklist to make sure every email you send is not just good, but great.

Checklist for Creating Great Emails:

Clear messaging: The content of the email should be crisp and clear and up to the point yu want to convey

Responsive Design: The recipient should be able to view the email on all devices

Broken Links or Images: Check for broken links or images.

Spelling or Grammar Errors: Take some time, lots of time if necessary, to edit, re-read and edit your email again for correctness.

Link your logo or images: Take extra care to link images and links to the relevant you want to share with the reader 

Personalize when possible: Use merge tags from your contact profile information, or segmenting your lists to keep your campaigns relevant will create greater impact

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